We are entrepreneurs, moms and dads and single twenty-somethings.

We are roll-up- our sleeve scientists and suit-wearing business types.

We are question-askers, and status-quo-defiers.

We are the Overseas Volunteer for Better India (OVBI) - Team Water Is Life.

Together we foster a hope and a dream that the India water and sanitation crisis can be resolved. Together we are committed to bring back the glory to drought-stricken rural India.

For a minute, consider this:

  • 7Bn people in the world

  • 6Bn own a mobile phone

  • ONLY 4.5Bn have access to a toilet!

There are more people on this planet who own a mobile phone than those with access to a toilet!

Overseas Volunteer for Better India (OVBI) is 501©(3) organization. Project Water is Life is a comprehensive, community-driven program that includes water, sanitation and hygiene initiatives utilizing scientific tools and techniques, in collaboration with local governments and NGOs to restore entire villages in rural India.

We invite you to join hands, contribute your time, talent and funds to solve India’s catastrophic water crisis.


Engage individuals to contribute their time, talent and money to solve India’s water crisis


Improve ground water reserves, rejuvenate river basins and promote sanitation and hygiene in rural India

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