"We have pain in our body, because a farmer has tears in his eyes"  -Sri Sri

330 million affected by drought

46 farmers commit suicide in a day 

    Individual Pays = $1000

337 villages = 700,000 lives

Support a Village

Help prevent farmer suicide

Support A Village

337 villages| 4600 sq. kms | 700,000 lives | $15 Million 

Consecutive years of drought, shifting rainfall patterns and the disruption of natural groundwater recharge mechanisms have crippled the ability of rain-fed rivers to replenish themselves. The result of this crisis crop failures, falling farmer incomes, and their consequent inability to pay-off loans, leading to what’s being termed a farmer suicide epidemic. 

Karnataka's water crisis is largely a man-made crisis resulting from disruption of the hydrological cycle due to deforestation, soil erosion, and over exploitation of ground water through bore wells. Our vision is to institute a permanently fix for this water crisis.

Project Goals

To raise the water table over 4600 sq. kms of area, covering 337 villages in Gadag, Karnataka

Irrigate agricultural land and help farmers in distress

Benefit 700,000 village residents

Gadag, Karnataka Village Adoption Financial Plan:

Total Project Cost:      $15 Million

Key Success Factors

Scientific planning and oversight Geoscientists

For scientific planning, we begin by performing systematic study of the thematic maps of the entire river basin for the factors like Slope, Drainage Network, Soil Texture, Land Use, Geomorphology, Lineaments, Groundwater prospects, Village boundaries, etc. using remote sensing data and satellite imagery.


Geoscientists formerly with ISRO and the Karnataka Remote Sensing Department, have developed a comprehensive plan for mass scale rain water harvesting, for OVBI, Adopt a Village campaign

Entrenchment in local community

After formulating an appropriate action-plan, the key challenge lies in bringing the local community on-board. Community ownership is very crucial for the long-term success and sustainability of these projects. This can be achieved by

  • Undertaking targeted campaigns to build awareness in the local community

  • Conducting extensive Capacity Building Training Programs to raise motivation levels, leadership skills and a sense of belonging amongst local communities

This project will be executed by local village residents while generating employment through the government’s MGNREGA scheme. The Art of Living Foundation acts as a nodal agency to facilitate community mobilization and provide technical guidance.

Project Management and previous success with similar projects

This project will be executed in collaboration with local NGO, The Art of Living Foundation, along the lines of their very successful Vedavathi river rejuvenation project  See report issued by the Karnataka Government  [PDF REPORT]

The Art of Living Foundation provides a resilient and flexible institutional framework aided by adaptive grassroots teams that complement the functioning of the local governments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where there is Water, There is Life

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