Water Is Life

An Initiative of the Overseas Volunteer for Better India


Rivers Revived + Sanitation & Hygiene = Happiness Restored!

Scientific planning and community engagement


Devendra Fadnavis

Chief Minister, State of Maharashtra, India

In post independence period, this is the largest people's movement. Around 6000 villages are benefiting by more than 70,000 such projects carried out with a scientific approach.


Farmer, Latur district, Maharashtra, India

For last 2 to 3 years we had no rain. Now that there is a lot of water, the farmers will be benefited. Since my childhood I’ve never seen so much water in my farm well! 

Emmy Negrin

Program Manager, Yahoo for Good | YEF

Yahoo Employee Foundation (YEF) is proud to support OVBI to provide innovative solutions for clean water to Halgara village (District: Latur) in rural India

Water. Is. Life

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