River Rejuvenation is a highly complex initiative and the related expertise is concentrated within a select group of people. Further, deep-rooted “last-mile” mindsets make implementation of any change a challenge.

We have initiated a 3-prong approach in collaboration with the local community, the Indian government and local NGOs like the Art of Living including scientific planning, training and community


Our goal is to develop an online learning platform to disseminate expertise related to use of scientific tools and techniques while ensuring community mobilization and a self-sustaining village culture. “Old is Gold”- the learning platform will showcase traditional wisdom shared by native villagers, farmers and personnel working in fields as well as increase awareness of government resources.

The E-Learning platform will include the following:

  • Basic education on River Rejuvenation

  • Project Planning, Team Formulation and Resource Mobilization

  • Understanding Policies and Governance

  • Administration, Budget and Financing

  • Use of Scientific tools such as GPS and Map Reading, Remote Sensing and GIS

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