Meet The Team

Mohan Trikha

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Chair, Project Water Is Life. Committed to building and leading  a strong volunteer  team for this cause. An ex senior executive of Xerox and an entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley.

BV Jagadeesh

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Co-Chair, Project Water Is Life. A serial entrepreneur and Managing Partner at KAAJ Ventures, was instrumental in the Nutanix (IPO), Yodlee (IPO), Arkin (acqd: VMWare) and many more.

Satej Chaudhary

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President OVBI. Passionate about solving India's biggest challenges, Rocket Scientist by training, Data Scientist by profession 

Raushni Gupta

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Director Awareness. Mountaineer and Aspiring Yogi. Passionate about water being a fundamental human right

Datta Patil

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Project Manager and Corporate Fundraiser Lead. Engineer by profession, passionate for mentorship, leadership, computer, water and farming

Lochan Alagh

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Project Manager and Fundraiser Events Lead. Aspires to resolve water crisis in the world, an Environmentalist by profession

Shreyans Mulkutkar

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Technical and Crowd Funding Lead. Techie, social entrepreneur, nature lover and explorer. 'From those to whom much is given, much is expected'

Sujit Bhide

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Crowd Funding Lead. Concerned with water issues in Maharashtra, mobilizing NRIs to contribute by finding innovative solutions.

Sudarshan Muralidharan

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E-Learning Initiatives Lead.  Keen on solving the global water crisis, the cause for many other problems one being farmer suicide. Engineer by education, Product Marketing Manager by profession.


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Fundraiser Events Lead. Creative thinker with a social heart. Working towards creating a drought-free India

Mayureshwar Chitaranjan

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E-Learning Initiatives Lead. Passionate about giving back to the community. Advising businesses on implementing smarter commerce.

Ajay Patwardhan

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Advisor, Project Water Is Life. 15+ years of experience in IT and Project Management. Currently servers as Director at Oracle

Nagaraja Rao 

Advisor, Finance and Project Development. worked on several clean energy and clean power projects, for over 40 years, in various leadership roles.

Ganesh Kulkarni

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Finance Lead. Over 18 years of experience in the IT & Product Engineering Industry. Strongly believes in giving back to the community

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