Where there is Water, there is Life.


Water is a basic necessity of all beings on this planet – as much as air to breathe. Yet, the water crisis is the #1 global risk per the World Economic Forum.  

India has a water shortage crisis that threatens to become catastrophic.


  • 54% of India faces a water crisis.

  • 330 Million people in rural India are impacted by drought.

  • 46 farmers commit suicide every day, leaving behind scores of orphans and widows.

  • Roughly 60 percent of India's 1.2 billion people still defecate in the open.

In fact the crisis is set to worsen quite drastically, as half of India’s water demand will remain unmet by 2030, as predicted by the International Water Management Institute. Project Water Is Life of the Overseas Volunteers for Better India (OVBI) aids River Rejuvenation, Water Conservation and Village well-being initiatives in rural India.

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