In collaboration with local communities, local governments and local NGO, The Art of Living volunteer teams (Jal Jagruti Abhiyaan), project Water Is Life is actively engaged in the revival of many rivers in two of the largest states in India. This will impact rain-fed rivers that have been dry for decades.


To help revive a rain-fed river, contributions can be made in the following two ways:

  1. Water body rejuvenation project spread along a river tributary, encompassing several villages (e.g. Manjara river tributaries in Maharashtra or the Palar river tributaries in Karnataka)

  2. Specific task of a project such as silt removal, tree plantation etc. You may also choose to contribute to a general fund

A major project of the size of Manjara River and its tributaries, in Halgara Maharashra is conducted over one to two years typically requiring $ 450,000 to $750,000.  This will cover about 500 villages and impact 300,000 villagers.

Manjara Tributaries River Rejuvenation Project: Halgara village, Maharashtra, India

  • This project is scheduled for initiation in June 2017 

  • Budget planned is $450,000

Manjara River Rejuvenation Project: Latur district, Maharashtra, India

  • This is an ongoing project (beginning 03/15/16) scheduled for completion by 06/2017.

  • Budget requirements - $40,000

  • A large part of this project has been funded by private donors

Palar River Rejuvenation Project : Karnataka, India 

  • This project is about 50% complete with both private funds and Government funds. 

  • Additional budget planned is $225,000

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