Project Water Is Life offers a comprehensive community-driven village well-being program

The key to repeatable success is to inspire and educate villagers at the grass-roots level, and to facilitate building a sustainable and scalable model, using modern tools and techniques, in concert with colloquial village wisdom. Adding value wins the support and endorsement of villagers, which in turn leads to their commitment to make the village a better place to live.


80% of villagers depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Availability of water has a direct bearing on the crop yield as well as the farmer earnings. In the absence of incomes, farmers are unable to pay-off their loans and commit suicide leaving behind scores of widows and orphaned children.


About 46 farmers commit suicide in a day. 


Even in today’s day and age, most village households do not have access to toilets and defecate in the open. Contamination of available water resources due to open defecation causes many water-borne diseases and subsequent deaths.


One in 3 women faces trouble in accessing safe toilet facilities.


23% girls dropout of school when they reach puberty due to lack of or unhygienic toilet facilities

Our team is dedicated to address the major challenges faced by rural India. Projects already kicked-off

will impact 100,000+ households.


Examples of village well-being projects include (not limited too):

  • Building Toilets

  • Sanitation and Hygiene awareness programs

  • Tree Plantation

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